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Jackie G. Patterson
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The Patterson Firm is committed to protecting the rights of every person charged with a traffic offense, a DUI or a criminal offense whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony.

When you go to court, there is a prosecutor just waiting for you to show up without an attorney because the prosecutor knows that more than likely you don’t have a clue on how the legal system works or what you need to know to keep from being convicted.

One of the most important aspects of The Patterson Firm is you get a well trained criminal defense attorney, and you get the ONLY criminal defense attorney in Georgia’s history who has served as a Police Officer, Police Chief, Municipal Court Judge, State Court Judge and Superior Court Judge. There is no issue that can arise in your case that Attorney Patterson cannot advise you on effectively and you can be assured that the legal advise given to you is accurate.

The Patterson Firm takes great pride in knowing that not only will we be prepared to defend you, but you will have a lawyer with superior knowledge of the court system and the law to fight every step of the way.

Our office will ensure that the prosecutor knows that your case is the only case that matters. The Patterson Firm personally handles every case and you will never have to go to court with an attorney whose not associated with our firm.

As the owner of The Patterson Firm, this is my promise to you!! We have a reputation for knowing and applying the law and if the Judge does not follow the law and unlawfully convicts you, The Patterson Firm will advise you on how to appeal your case and will take your case all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court if required. We will not settle for a single unlawful conviction. Our goal at the conclusion of your case is for you to be able to say: